Jonathan Simard Auteur
Jonathan Simard, Author of the So-Lam Stories

Jonathan Simard is the creator of the So-lam universe. Since 1997, he tries to find his way to give life to this one of a kind fantasy universe. He finally did it and you are witnessing it in this very moment. From children’s tales to adult novels, even video games, So-Lam will continue to surprise you !

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Looking for an activity for children from 5 to 11 ? Don’t look any further, So-Lam Stories are there for you! The autor will tell kids one of the 21 strories of the serie, followed by a question period. Afterward, the workshop can take multiple forms :

Subtitled tale

The autor reads a tale either in french or english. The other language is written on a iwb (interactive Whiteboard) to let children follow the story

Draw a character

Kids have a period to draw a character according to the descriptions in the tale. Or they can draw themselves using the magical powers of one of the characters.

Literary creation

After reading the tale, the autor discusses about the literary creation process, from the idea to the printing of a book.

Draw your creature

Each kid invents a fantasy animal with his atributes and draws it.

Exquisite Corpse

Each kid draws three lines on a paper sheet and passes it to his neighbor, in order to create a character.

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Workshops available by Jonathan Simard, autor of So-Lam Stories

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But what are the So-Lam Stories ?

So-Lam Stories are 21 tales for kids (for boys as well as girls) from 6 to 12. These tales relate the childhood of the main characters of the So-Lam universe, a fantastic saga of a new kind. Unlike what we’re used to see in fantasy universes, there are no orcs, elves, dragons, vampires or werewolves in So-Lam. Only genuine creatures, finally a wind of change on the fantasy realm! Concerning the So-Lam universe, it’s no more no less an epic saga that relates divine conflicts between forgotten ancient entities, from the beggining of the Earth to the dawn of man.