Can become transparent. With the breath of the Mother-Fairy, they become completely invisible. Their skin is red like fire. They are cold blooded. They livre 200 years.

Ron'sé le courageux -- Ron'sé the courageous
Conte So-Lam Ron’sé le courageux — So-Lam Stories Ron’sé the courageous


The ahlendsera are vegetarians.


The ahlendsera are asexual. They divide and an exact replica grows on its back. The kid can move, talk and interact with its environment. During its pregnancy, an impenetrable shell develops on the ahlendser and he naturally loses it when the baby is ready to take part from his father. The pregnancy lasts a year.


They use the secret language, but they understand very well the astral language.


  • The ahlendsera know that they were created by the Fairy-Mother and once a year, they all travel to the Kanlyugea to honor her greatness. They all become transparent then sing, dance and play music to celebrate life. They take this opportunity to become pregnant and create new ahlendsera.
  • When an ahlendser dies, he is buried under its family tree (ömbè lonalé) in the Forest of the Vanished (Lömbli rua ïnpoula). Each family has their own tree designated by a wooden sign.


In all their history, they never used any money or trade means (exept a small episode when chaos unleashed during a couple of years). Everything belongs to anyone and all contribute to the common good.


They know how to forge metal, but only the pregnant ones can be blacksmiths because they are protected by their shell. They master steam energy and with metal they built machines to help them in fields and mines.


They know the art of So-Lam and use it to heal the wounded.

Arts / Sports / Hobbies:

Afraid to harm themselves, the ahlendsera don’t practice sports. However, they paint, sculpt and make music. All their works are made with a thoroughness attention to detail. Their favorite gamer is hide and seek, but they play while being transparent.


Their buildings are in wood and metal. The city of Donselea is built on a wooden and metal structure above the Ransalawa lake.

Institutions / Politics:

Wit’ak, the king, rules the ahlendsera and takes all the decisions. Before leaving the city, he establishes a more or less democratic system ruled by the elder of each family.

Justice / Laws:

They have no rules, neither a justice system. There is no crime and no violence in Donselea.

Apparel/ Fashion:

They wear the fur and leather of dead animals in the wild because they don’t  rear animals. They also weave, but fur stays their favorite material.


They use chavish to transport heavy merchandise towards trains . They travel on train to reach the Five Pointed Crown (the Kanlyugea) and to transport ore from mines and food from fields.

Work/ Production:

Only the pregnant ahlendsera works with tools or accomplish works that can cause injuries.


They have no army and no weapon.


They are all very educated in many fields of knowledge. They never cease to learn. They also learn the art of So-Lam, but not to fight. Only heal and experiment.


They use steam power.


Donselea is built on a wooden and meta platform above the Ransalawa lake.  The Forest of the Vanished is farther from the city and is a kind of cemetary. Their mines are located in the Mountains of Fear.


  • They bear no malice. Crime doesn’t exists.
  • They consider that they are all equal, even more between members of a same lineage.
  • They are always afraid to harm themselves, security is an absolute priority.
  • All ahlendsera is named after its lineage. The elder is called “Ahré” before his family name. Even if all members of a family bear the same name, they define themselves with their age or rank.
  • When an elder considers that he’s too old and useless for the community, he banishes himself in the Forest of the Vanished and waits for death near its family tree.

History (ahlendser calendar):

00: Creation of the first ahlendsera by the Mother-Fairy on the Second World. Forthwith, Wit’ak take the lead and they leave the Well of Souls (Gimeinish Giveny).

02: First accidental fatality of an ahlendser, slaughtered by a wild beast in the Forest of the Vanished (Lömbli rua ïnpoula). Establishment of the funerary ritual to bury the deceased under a family tree (ömbè lonalé).

12: Wit’ak chooses the site of the future Donselea, on the coast of ransalawa lake, to impel the ahlendsera to not fear water anymore. What would be a shameful failure.

64: First divisions of the ahlendsera. Donselea must grow. Upon this date, the ahlendsera institute the annual rite of pilgrimage to the side of the Kanlyugéa to thank the Mother-Fairy for their ability to give life.

217: End of the construction of Donsela. The city seems vast enough and functional for the people.  Wit’ak decides to build the So-Lam Academy, to teach the ahlendsera how to be warriors as were the selveinish of the First World. However, they are only interested by the beneficial side of magic, like the power to heal.

581: Thanks to the art of So-Lam, the ahlendsera prosper longer, causing overpopulation in Donsela. The elders decide, on common agreement, to exile to the Forest of the Vanished to leave room for the youngest. So begun the abandonment ritual, where an elder who feels too old and useless exiles himself.

844: Advent of the first mecanical machines and steam power, gift from Wit’ak. Beginning of Donselea’s industrialization.

1351: The railway links Donselea to all fields, mines and the Kanlyugea.

1903: Famine strikes the ahlendsera. An anomalous drought and disapointing harvests force the ahlendsera to ration out.

1906: Wit’ak decides to leave Donsela and establishes the Elder Council to manage the city. At is kleaving, Yaga’s spririts wreck the city. Story of Ron’sé the courageous.

1919: All return to normal. Donselea is repaired and the drought is over thanks to the repair of the Generous Fountain so that it irrigates the fields.

2011: The ahlendsera discover a new way to create energy, thanks to the art of So-Lam. But all tests fail and Donselea burn to ashes. The ahlendsera must rebuild the city.

2709: Many ahlendsera become ill. They can’t make themselves transparent and cannot divide. They discover that their fields are contaminated by their mine’s wastes. Reorganization of the mining industry.

3071: By wanting to raise the speed of trains, many derailed the same day. The ahlendsera established the Derailing Day, when they push trains to their maximum speed.

3482: A metal ore shortage in the Mountains of Fear prompts the ahlendsera to mine the Kanlyugea. Foremost, their spirituality as at its lowest, many don’t believe in the Mother-Fairy and Wit’ak anymore. The brein untiver comes back and destroys all the new mines. He forces the ahlendsera to find other sources of ore. He even casts curses on the kanlyugea to prevent any resumption of works. They manage to find otrher sources of ore farther so they lengthen the railway.

3840:The ahlendsera put ibn place a kind of money. In less than a year, the city is afflicted by murdres, thefts, ressources shortage, egoism, pauverty, luxury… The Elders Council decides to banish this system and put in place laws that prevent this madness to occur again.

4297: A group of eight ahlendsera hides in a far away forest to put in place a taming system for zingala, a small and cute animal with valued fur that can only be found in this very forest. These poachers brought back lots of pelts to Donselea. It was one of the most sought after goods by  the people. These hides were passed on from generation to generation because the poachers never went back in Donselea. it was a mystery, but the truth was that Yaga, the goddess of nature, has found the poachers’ camps. Upon seeing the horrific conditions of the zingala, the goddess transformed the poachers to guardians of nature. The eight were trapped in a body linked to a nature spirit.

4701: Great winter. many ahlendsera died of cold. They had to use their energy or the art of So-Lam to warm themselves. Modernising of Donselea.

6136: Wat’ik is imprisonned, as related in Between the mountains