So-Lam is a vast epic saga that stretches from the creation of the Earth to the dawn of humanity. These stories for children are only an outset in this fantasy universe. All these characters are the protagonists of this long and complex tragic story.So-Lam is a project of titanic scope on which I’ve spent half of my life. It is my goal to create a fantastic franchise to allow you to dream along with me. By reading these books, you’re encouraging me to persevere, and for that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Jonathan Simard

The more recent books

#06 Ron’sé the ahlendser

Buy print version here: Create Space Summary Ron’sé, a young ahlendser, is living in the most baleful era of his people. Despite his young age, he finds that his peers are not able to manage the situation properly. He thus

#05 Yaga the goddess of nature

Buy print version here: Create Space Free ebook! — Free book for children available in epub, pdf and mobi format — Summary Yaga, the young goddess of nature, has the divine power to create the plants and the animals of

#09 Mor-Lath the mawialt

Buy print version here: Create Space Summary Mor-Lath, a young mawialt, has two small, insignificant errands entrusted to him by his father. However, the big city of Rein-Ruof greatly intimidates Mor-Lath with its cosmopolitan side, where the mawialtish are not

#07 Broquus the krungka

Book #7 Broquus the krungka not yet translated… This 28-page eBook is a tale for all ages. Adults will take as much pleasure as their kids reading this children’s litterature. The So-Lam tales are written with a rich vocabulary. The